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Jamestown Newcomers Social Club is open to everyone who lives in the Jamestown Area.  Membership is $20 per family, and it runs from September to June.

To join, please complete and submit the form, below, and mail your dues payment of $20.00 to:

Jamestown Newcomers Social Club
Judi Goerke
3280 Moon Road
Jamestown, NY 14701

You may also print and mail it with your membership dues to the address above.

Once you've joined, you may start attending all club activates; you will receive the club Newsletter (via mail) detailing all activities and events; and you will also receive this year's Membership Directory of names and phone numbers.  Please note:  Your family information will be included in the Membership Directory if received by September 30, 2002.

Jamestown Newcomers Social Club Family Membership

Name: Birthday: month/day
Spouse's Name: Birthday: month/day
City: Zip:
Home Phone: Work Phone:
E-mail: Fax:
Previous Cities & State:    
Children's Names: Birthday: month/year

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Last modified: April 09, 2003